Welcome on the SiteBar integration page. This page helps you to get most out of the SiteBar. On the SiteBar homepage you can learn more about SiteBar features.

SiteBar Integrator

SiteBar is designed to comply with standards and should work on most browsers with enabled javascript and cookies. The following table shows on what browsers it has been tested.

Browser/Category Version/Platform
Mozilla Firefox 1.0,1.5,2.0/WinXP,Linux [Homepage]
Mozilla 1.7.5/WinXP [Homepage]
Opera Web Browser 7.5,8.0,8.51/WinXP [Homepage]
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0/WinXP [Homepage]
Maxthon Tabbed Browser 1.1.120/WinXP [Homepage]
Linux Distro/Other Tools Gentoo,Debian/PHP Layers Menu  

Usage Tips for All Browsers

Usage/Integration Tips for Mozilla Firefox

Tip Description
SiteBar Client Extension developed especially for SiteBar. Allows to open all links from one folder in the tabs and other features. Use menu View/Toolbar/Customize to put SiteBar icons on your toolbar. [Project page]
Bookmarks Synchronizer In order to use two way synchronization with Firefox please install Bookmark Synchronizer extension. Use "User Settings -> XBELSync Settings" command to get more information of how to setup the synchronization. [More info]
Live Bookmarks Download folder structure of your entire SiteBar to a file. Import this file to your bookmarks. Each folder is represented by a Live Bookmark. This way your bookmarks will be integrated among your other bookmarks, but folder content will be online downloaded from SiteBar. In case a folder has subfolders, content of the actual folder will be shown in @Content folder.
Sidebar Creates a bookmark that can be later clicked to open SiteBar in a sidebar panel.
Add Search Engine Adds SiteBar Bookmark Search to the Web Search field. Allows searching in SiteBar bookmarks without having SiteBar opened.
Add Page to SiteBar This bookmarklet* may be used to add links to your SiteBar. When executed a new pop-up window will occur that will be prefilled with the details of the current page.
SiteBar This is an ordinary link which will open the SiteBar in the current window. SiteBar is designed for a verticall rather narrow bar. This way a lot of space would be wasted.
SiteBar Directory Apart of the tree like display, SiteBar can be shown as a traditional directory. This view shows one directory at a time and shows details for displayed links. The browser must support XSLT.
SiteBar Pop-up If your browser does not have a sidebar feature, you may use this bookmarklet*. It will open SiteBar in a pop-up window similar to a sidebar. Please be aware of the fact that your browser may block pop-ups!

* Bookmarklet is a bookmark/favorite that contains JavaScript code. You can right click it and add to your bookmarks/favorites toolbar. Later click on this bookmark will execute the JavaScript code.

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